TRX Classes at Assaya

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The TRX (Total Resistance eXercise) suspension trainer was invented by Navy Seal Randy Hetrick. The idea was to allow fellow Seals to train whilst deployed on the high seas and confined to small spaces.

Consisting of two adjustable straps attached to a central anchor point, the TRX can be used to assist in certain movements such as a squat OR to add challenge to an old favourite such as a plank.


If you love to work up a sweat and feel your muscles by the end of class the Assaya TRX class is for you.

Expect a mix of slow moving, controlled exercises to build strength, improve balance and mobility, and light a fire in your core!  Each class will give you a full body workout and will be different every time.

New to the TRX? Don't worry. You will be coached through the base movements to ensure you're moving well and getting the most out of each exercise no matter what your fitness level or experience. Whatever your fitness levels, Assaya's TRX class will help you build a strong, resilient body.

If you are recovering from an injury, the TRX can be hugely beneficial in retraining your body and central nervous system to move away from pain and regain strength and good range of movement.

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