Barre at Assaya

barre bude cornwall

Taking inspiration from ballet training, pilates and yoga, a barre class will encourage you to move with grace and coordination (neither skill is required to start your barre journey).

Focussing on posture, poise and precision of movement to bring a deep awareness to how your body moves and functions, Assaya Barre will help you to look and feel better through improved posture, confidence and beautifully toned muscles.

With sequences of elegant, big balletic movements, tiny little micro movements and isometric holds to make you shake, an Assaya barre class delivers the perfect mix of stretching and sculpting.

Expect a full body workout, to feel your muscles quiver and realise just how heavy a 1kg dumbbell can feel!

Each and every class is different to keep you on you toes (quite literally at times).

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